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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Respect for Authority

I've been feeling convicted lately. Not only am I concerned about what is being said in the media lately, but I'm also concerned about my attitude. How do I reconcile my obvious differences in opinion to the current Obama administration to God's Biblical mandate to submit to authorities instituted among men (1 Peter 2:13-14). I have to...somehow.

On one hand, President Obama deserves my respect not because of who he is or anything he has done, but rather because God sets up kings and authorities in our world (Romans 13:2). Unless President Obama says or does something contrary to God's will (His Word), then I'm supposed to submit.

But I admit, I'm human. I find most of what President Obama doing appalling. He says one thing and does another. There is evidence, most of which people who like the President choose to ignore, that suggests he frequently lies to get his way. One such example is found at Other good ones are found at,, and Actually this latter one shows more about his character. But because at different times he has denied that he's done some of these things it shows that he can't be trusted.

So how am I supposed to respond? I send emails, I write, and tell others about what I read and hear that should send up red flags everywhere about President Obama. But is that the right thing to do considering he's the authority that God has set over me (and our country of course)? I don't know for sure. Is respect necessary to submit to authority? I think my responsibility is to respect him and submit to him unless it (the subject matter concerning President Obama, Congress, etc.) contradicts God. Hopefully, prayerfully, that will be correct response.