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Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I have just been accepted as an examiner for  What this means for me right now is a chance to put my writing into practice in a format that is relevant for my town, Des Moines, Iowa.  Also, I'm hoping it gives me extra exposure to be able to share the gospel.  As a writer for, I need to stay brief and localized to my area.  But hopefully, it gives me an extra avenue to share what's really important to me, Jesus Christ.

So, if anyone is interested in checking it out, the link is provided as follows:

I will still continue to write in my blog, but it will not be as frequent obviously.  So stay tuned, hopefully this will open doors along the way.  Have a great day!  God bless!


  1. Congrats! Enjoy the Examiner, do not worry about blog, until you have time.

  2. Hi Dean!!

    Grace and peace!!!

    I love to be visiting your blog.
    Always have a blessed word to give us.
    God bless your life.

    Salam "Deus é contigo"


  3. Kim -

    Thank you! I like blogging. It's just difficult with the time constraints. I appreciate the encouragement! God bless!

    Suely -

    Thank you so much. I always appreciate you visiting and commenting. :)

    Deus está com você também! Deus te abençoe!

  4. Congrats Dean...God always opens the doors for His children to share His Word. I know you will be great at whatever you do because our Lord is right next to you with the wisdom and truth that needs to be shared so desperately in this lost world. God bless, Lloyd

  5. Lloyd -

    Thank you! I do hope and pray that God uses this in a way that brings glory to Himslef. Thanks for the encouragement. You are a great friend, my brother.

    God bless!

  6. Olá Dean!!!
    Good Night!!!
    Grace and Peace!!!

    Have a blessed week.

    In Jesus,