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Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Isn't it interesting how something as simple as where we come from can cause such strong feelings and opinions from each one of us? Obviously by titling this post "Creation" you can already tell what my belief is. That in itself has probably created an opinion for you about me. It's no secret, then, that this debate is a hot-button issue that draws a lot of attention.

Why does the argument about where we come from and how we came into being generate these intense emotions? Is it because we feel the need to be right? We KNOW we're right? But how can evolutionists AND creationists both be right?

The bottom line is that they can't. One supposes that life began from empty darkness. Through some cosmic event, perhaps the big bang, simple matter without life was created and eventually evolved into far more complex organisms with life.

The other believes that the origin of life stems from intelligent design. Though to accept this one has to believe in an all- transcedent Creator that was, is, and will always be. The Creator would therefore be the author and source of all matter, living and nonliving.

Evolutionists have written and rewritten their definitions to try to ensure that their interpretation of the origins of life is not misinterpreted. To evolutionists, people who say that evolution is impossible believe that they're actually adding credibility to the argument for, not against. Opponents should admit that the science supports evolution at some basic level. Science shows us that there's data to support the fact that some living organisms do indeed change over time, albeit there seems to be issues in regards to sustainability. But to continue to deny evolution takes place would give evolutionists even greater leverage for their argument.

The thing for me, though, is not the denial of evolution. It's how evolution is being used to bring about a "theory" as proof of our existence, the origin of life if you will. To evolutionists, even calling this a "theory" doesn't stress how significant it really is. They hold theories to be undeniable and as concrete as facts. As much as if gravity was a theory.

But that's precisely where they lose me. Maybe to these particular scientists does a theory count as fact. Maybe the whole scientific community is in agreement on this point. But I'm not buying it. I'm a skeptic by nature. I pay attention when the science community makes a claim. Take for example when science tells us that a particular food is bad for you. (Take your about eggs?) How often do they retract those statements and say there's actually some benefits?

Or how about forensic evidence used in court cases? How many shows have you watched that portrayed an innocent person being found guilty and later released because the science was not accurate or faulty? Have you ever seen or heard how difficult it can be to determine the time of death when nature gets a hold of a dead body? Estimations are used and are not always accurate.

So how then are we to believe science when they say there's a procedure using carbon dating to determine how long the earth has been in existence? Science, when used correctly, can be a valuable tool. But much like a person who can manipulate data to fit a certain criteria, I don't trust evolutionists when they are able to do the same thing to fit their agenda.

As someone who stands by God as being the Author of life, I hold firmly to the belief that God is the one who created science. Science is actually the mechanism by which man is able to look at the evidence supporting God's work and pointing to Him as our Creator. Inasmuch as the Bible tells us that all of creation testifies to His existence, science helps us to examine creation on a deeper level and in appreciation with awe of what God has done.

So what's the bottom line here? Even though evolution would love to use science to support their claims, it's still a leap of faith to imagine something coming from nothing. That's like walking out into an open prairie and stumbling upon a hand-held watch... masterfully made, synchronized, and remarkable in its design...and concluding it came into being out of nothing. That it just is. It takes an incredible amount of faith to believe this concept.

As ludicrous as that sounds, creationists have to believe that everything came into being from nothing as well. Although, if one assumes a Creator is behind it all, then it's not so much a stretch of the imagination. What is the leap of faith, really, is believing in a God who has always been; past, present, and future.

But God doesn't leave us to wonder. Though God is unseen, He makes it possible to know Him other ways. It does require faith however. But as it so happens, it's impossible to please God apart from faith. Faith is the mechanism by which we are able to believe. 

So here's the thing about God. He does reveal Himself to you when you seek him out. The irony to this is that you wouldn't even be able to seek Him out if He wasn't pursuing you to begin with. So, by seeking Him, already know that He's at work in your life already.

So while you may contemplate, "How do I believe in a God that has always been?" and try to make sense of it, recognize the fact that this is a God who is beyond our comprehension. He wouldn't be much of a God if you understood everything about Him. His ways are greater than ours and his thoughts are higher than ours.

My advise to anyone is to ask God to reveal Himself to you. And if you're sincere, He will. If you're not, then God knows the thoughts and intents of your heart and will not be manipulated. He can open your heart and mind and give you a glimpse of Himself. He's too holy for you to take Him all in. The fearful confrontation would be too much for you and you would die...literally.

And what else can be said about this subject? For abortionists, it takes faith. And for creationists, it takes faith. But who, really, has to to have the greater faith to believe in something that is impossible? For me, it's not that great a leap of faith to believe in a higher power, a Creator who made it all possible. For nothing is impossible with God. My stance is on creation and the Creator!


  1. Dean, I'm with you, God created the heavens and the earth and that's that! The creation debut will probably go on until Jesus returns and then every blasphemous unbeliever will know who created the universe. I pray that some of them see the light before it's to late.

  2. I truly hope that, like you, that their eyes will be opened. I know so many people who aren't saved and it breaks my heart to know that they can't see it. I pray for them.