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Monday, May 31, 2010

Political Discourse

Is it a wonder our country is looking less and less like the "United" States of America? People seem to disagree about every single, little thing. The irony is that one side presupposes what the opposing side thinks with very little facts or basis. But with some exception, which I'll get to.

I'm very tired of the whole thing really. There appears to be no common ground for agreement. It reminds me of the philosophical differences that exist between the Israelites and the Palestinians. There has been countless negotiations from many, so-called renowned government leaders that have tried...and broker peace relations between the two. Why? Because whether we like it or not, people hold their value systems in high regards. No difference here. These two races have had stark differences going back centuries. The main difference, of course, being the belief in who the true God really is.

I'm not saying that value systems are wrong. On the contrary, I believe that it's those values in each of us that makes us who we are. But they also tend to cause great schisms in a society when those value systems clash.

I'm not saying, either, that I'm backing down from my conservative values. Just the opposite. I will never back down because my values are tied into my beliefs. And my beliefs are irrevocably linked to the Bible. The Bible, or rather the God of the Bible, defines who I am.

What I am saying is that I'm tired of the endless debate with people who really could care less about my values and/or beliefs. Granted, I'm not always the one doing the debating. I read and listen to others that I suspect on some level have the same core beliefs as I do. And it's these people that are constantly getting lambasted by the main-stream media.

Anymore, it's like banging your head against the wall. It's futile. Useless. It's two sides that will never agree with each other and if they do it's more than likely it's due to the fact that there may be wolves in sheeps clothing. What do I mean? I mean it's likely that a man whose principles are different will masquerade with a side to promote their agenda from within. Can anyone say Arlen Specter? Deception is an ancient tool, but one that is used quite effectively even today.

And who are these groups to which I am referring? Generally speaking, there are three distict parties. Two are ideaologically opposed to each other: the conservatives and the liberals. The third, though not clearly defined nor neutral by any means, are the independents. But for now, my focus will be on the two extreme, and opposable, sides.

How is it that we have come to this point? I've read history to some degree, but I'm no expert. I know the current liberal historians will disagree, but I've heard enough and read enough from experts (for the purpose of full disclosure, these experts are Christians) who do have extensive knowledge on the subject that the USA was founded on Christian, Biblical values. Does that mean that all the founding fathers were Christian? Of course not. Even these experts concede that much.

Many of these non-Christians, though, did see something significant in the principles of the Bible. They recognized that the Bible laid out clear instructions upon which to build a nation. They agreed in part, even if they didn't fully embrace the God of the Bible, that a nation would be blessed and would have great success if they adhered to Biblical principles. The Bible even maps out how a people ought to govern and be governed. The founding fathers held to these values. To be sure, these are not unfounded claims. Thousands of documents, transcripts, and letters are found at the Library of Congress testifying to the validity of these statements. Reading just the documents that we are all familiar with, such as the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, one gets a sense of the values that were tied to Judeo-Christian beliefs of these extraordinary men.

Now these values are being challenged. I shouldn't say this like it's a recent occurrence. No, it's been brewing for several years...decades! Just google "were founding fathers Christian?" You can find hundreds of sources today alone that will argue against the very notion that these men were Christian. There's a logical reason for this of course. And it really shouldn't take anyone by surprise. The bottom line is it's man's sin nature.

I've read quotes from some of our founding fathers that claimed that if a nation were to disregard God as the source of its blessings, it would then begin to fall apart. They knew that the key to America's success and existence lied within a firm belief in God's providence. But that dependence upon God and His sovereignty has been eroding from our culture for some time.

So here we are. It took some time, and some manipulation, but the liberals are getting their agenda pushed through. Despite the fact that liberals hold the majority in both the houses and in the white house too, I tend to believe that this is still more of a conservative country. Admittedly, I may be wrong. But it seems to me that people were getting tired of the direction our previous administration was taking us. Even with independents and some conservatives. That, I think, is what caused the tide to shift to the liberals.

However, I must confess that I'm seeing a shift away from traditional values to more modern, progressive ones. These ideas wouldn't be so scary if it didn't involve separating God from modern intellectual thought. I would love to see a progressive movement take place with the very intent purpose of understanding science, nature, and humanity better in direct relationship to our God, the Author and Creator of all life.

However, that is not what this progressive movement is all about. No. Their purpose, which they have all but admitted, is to remove God from our culture so they can be free to live their lives without judgment. Free from the restrictive rules and laws that are to them "antiquated" and even "oppressive" to the free-spirit and the more advanced, modern intellectuals of today.

To them, it's complete and utter nonsense that anyone would succumb to the brainwashing of religion. It is these sort of progressives that are the primary danger to liberal ideology. The more they're able to manipulate the average American into believing a fabricated aspect of their agenda (i.e. it's all about you), the closer they're able to get to their real purpose.

Which brings me to my original point. Liberals and conservatives will continue to push toward what they believe to be a better way of life. Part of that is not letting facts get in the way. Facts seem almost irrelevant. Even opposed. As does the practice of deductive reasoning.

This was in full display when deductive reasoning was vehemently and diametrically opposed by liberals, who quite conveniently control a major source of how information is dispersed through the main-stream media. When conservatives naturally saw how certain aspects of the health care bill would affect the elderly, the liberals created a media-blitz not just to dispute the claim, but discredit it. Because express language wasn't used to show that health care would be rationed and the elderly would face death panels, it was passed off as absurd and ignorant. Instead of arguing how certain events could lead to these very possible scenarios, liberals instead went on the attack to discredit the character of the person or persons making these claims.

It's a complete lack of intellectual honesty. And the liberals use that maneuver quite effectively even when they're the ones most guilty of it.

So again, I ask, in the grand scheme of things, is the "United" States really united? With the political discourse going its current direction in our country, I just don't see us ever going back. I, personally, will never concede on social issues that I believe affect our country such as abortion, same-sex marriage, or embryonic stem-cell research. And there are others who will never concede their positions.

Wouldn't it be great if we could split the country in half and say you go your way and I'll go mine? Unfortunately, that may never be an option. Then what? Civil war? Maybe. But if Jesus doesn't come back soon, things are bound to get really ugly and in a hurry. Come quickly Lord Jesus. Come.

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