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Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Day After

I'm curious. I'm curious about tomorrow. I'm curious to see what is on peoples' hearts and minds tomorrow. You see, for days, and even weeks, many have expressed a heartfelt gratitude to God for His Son Jesus. Many have drawn near to Jesus for what He did for us on the cross. Many made commitments of prayer, fasting, and even sacrifice to express their appreciation to Jesus and His sacrifice...His life, death, and resurrection.

But what about tomorrow? Where are all of us going to be tomorrow? Are we going to continue on with our lives like...well, as if the moment is gone and now it's life as normal. Same old drudgery, same old routines?

What will happen to all those who made commitments? Who prayed, fasted, and sacrificed? Will anything be different? Will anything have changed?

Oh God! I pray for a people whose hearts are wholly toward You. I pray that we will have Your Spirit indwelling us and spurring us to good deeds. I pray we'll reach out to our brother, our neighbor, even our enemy. That the gospel will be spoken and shared and will change lives and accomplish Your will, purposes, and plans.

Oh God! Use my hands and feet. Change my heart to care for and love people. To share with them my testimony for what You have done in me and through me for Your glory.

Oh, and God...may You receive much glory through Your Son who we love, worship, and praise! Praise You Jesus! Thank You for the cross!

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