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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Environmentalism - Part II

I mentioned last time that Christians can be blindsided as we consider our roles in protecting the environment. There are Biblical reasons, to be sure, to have a sound environmental position as it relates to being stewards of God's creation. But again, I fall back to the position that in my study of Scripture there is usually a balance in issues that are common to man.Unless I'm taking Paul's comments in 1 Corinthians out of context, I believe that as Christians we need to examine the circumstances that are before us and recognize what good can come from a certain decision and whether or not it is beneficial.

Part of that balance is understanding that on either end of the spectrum (for this topic of environmentalism) is apathy and oppression. It's certainly not good that we do nothing. To not care about the environment could be detrimental to our health and our future. And our children's future. On the other hand, to take it to the other extreme would be equally as foolish. And that's the part that concerns me.

So what is the concern here? The antonym of apathy of course is interest, care, concern, or sympathy. How can we care too much? Is it that we can end up being clean freaks? That somehow we'll find ourselves acting and behaving like Felix Unger? Oh the horrors! Of course not.

As I eluded to last time, I believe there's a power struggle taking place for control of our country. Bear with me. I believe this has some serious implications. What I see is that liberals, who became of age during great civil and political unrest during the 60's and 70's, are now in positions of authority in government. They are now able to manipulate a majority through the will of a minority.

How do they accomplish this? And what does the environment have to do with it? Well, first you have to recognize that to have control is to control communication. In order to get a majority of people to fall in line with your agenda, you have to control the means by which they receive their information. Little by little, the main-stream media (MSM), controlled primarily by liberals and their ideologies, have successfully hand-fed the American people their points of view, passions, and interests. On a grand scale, it's mind control. It's manipulation at its worse.

The only thing that's slowing the liberals agenda at all is the emergence of conservative voices on the radio, cable, and now internet. But is it too little too late? I don't know. I'd like to think the more people are informed about the issues from both sides, people are able to make better decisions in regards to those issues. But unfortunately, the liberals have yet another scheme in play to silence the opposition. If that happens, America will be no better off than a country like China that controls all the information their people receive and keeps them in the dark as much as possible. Many persecuted Chinese Christians can testify to that. Even information (i.e. Bible, tracts) is kept from them so they can freely worship as believers in Jesus Christ.

So how does the environment, government, communication, control, and religion tie together in this subject called environmentalism? If you understand the power struggle for control and domination, it would make perfect sense to you. But if you only think this is bogus, conjecture, or just some conspiracy theory you won't see any connection and brush it all to the side. You may even argue that the liberals have nothing but pure intentions. But before you do, consider this...

What are some of the ways environmental issues can play into the hands of liberals? It allows the government greater control over our lives. It creates more bureaucracy. It could possibly cause greater costs to energy and loss of jobs. Those are the effects. But what makes it dangerous for you and me is that it would force us to be more reliant on government. They want us to believe that we need them and that we want them to be in control our lives and our welfare. Take care of us that is. And that's where they get you. Then they're able to promote their lifestyles and their views. It's a dangerous proposition and could drastically change the landscape of our core values and principles that we hold as conservatives and, more importantly, as Christians. The problem goes against the very core of our founding fathers' principles as well, who by the way were Christians to a large degree. But it also goes against the principles of those who are conservative Christians today that I hope are paying attention.

Again, we must be informed citizens. To be sure, the environment is important. But we have to be careful at what we accept as solutions to the issues. Like Jesus said, "Behold, I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves." Obviously, this passage deals more with our interaction with the lost and sharing the gospel with them. But the principle can be true here as well. We must have a Biblical worldview if we're to understand our role in it. And we must be wise as we approach those worldviews and not be so easily drawn in by the way the world operates. If we do, we will see our Christian values deteriorate. And that to me is a greater concern. And when we could quite possibly lose our freedoms.

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