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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Immigration - Part I

There seems to be a lot of stuff being said these days about immigration and immigration reform. Some of it is true and some...not so true. It seems to be a cantankerous issue that can't be resolved. Or can it?

Who can you rely on to give you the truth? The unbiased, unadulterated truth that is. The conservatives? The liberals? The moderates? Come on, get real. The problem is is that any facts or data collected on immigration can be easily manipulated to bring about any desired result. There's no one that you can truly say doesn't have an opinion or position on this issue. That person would have to be a robot.

So what do you do? Who can you get answers from that isn't slanted from an ideological standpoint? For me, I look to God for the answers. Jesus was even recognized by the religious leaders of His day when one of them said Jesus teaches truth without the regard for men and what they think. (Matthew 22:15-17) He was essentially saying that Jesus, who is God and who is the Word, doesn't have the disadvantage of ideology.

So what does the Bible say? I'm not an expert in theology but I don't think the Bible is completely silent on the subject. God did have something to say about the aliens that were living among the Israelites. He was basically including them as part of the people of Israel when it came to rights and responsibilities. (Exodus 12:48) But even more importantly, God tells the Israelites not to mistreat the alien or oppress them either. (Exodus 22:21)

With that in mind, how is that supposed to look for us here in the USA in our time? Are we supposed to just allow anyone to come in the country illegally? That doesn't make sense in the realm of fairness. For immigrants to come in and take advantage of our system, with no regard for those that are here legally, seems wrong.

That's what I intend to discuss further next time. How do we reconcile this unfairness to our system of government with how God has shown us to interact with those who are aliens in our land?

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