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Monday, May 10, 2010

Immigration - Part II

The United States is bitterly divided over immigration reform. On one side you have the liberals (and most moderates). On the other you have the conservatives. The main-stream media more or less represents the liberal side. Whereas Christians arguably represent the conservative.

First, let me just say that I understand that I'm lumping people into two camps. Ironically, Christians don't all agree. Liberals and moderates probably don't either. Conservatives aren't all Christians. And Christians aren't all conservative. (That part I'm having a difficult time wrapping my head around.) Then you have to deal with the issue of race. You can't possibly lump hispanics and blacks with the liberal side anymore than you can lump the whites, African American, Asian American, or any other ethnicity into the conservative camp. It just seems easier to say conservative and liberal. And that's what I'm going to go with for the purpose of this discussion.

It seems interesting how the main-stream media uses language that appears almost...human. It's almost as if they somehow have grabbed hold of the only position on compassion and have successfully portrayed conservatives, and even many Christians, as out-of-touch. Uncaring. Inhumane if you will.

On the surface, it seems to have merit. Because, as I suggested last time, God doesn't even show favoritism toward the Israelites over the aliens living among them. Certainly there is a basic hierarchy toward this structure of society, but God didn't exclude them. So then, do the MSM understand compassion better than conservatives?

The main argument from the conservatives that I see is the issue of fairness. Does it seem right that a person from another country can come into our borders and take advantage of what our nation offers (i.e. entitlements) without contributing back? Some argue that these undocumented aliens do contribute and give back.

But is that the case as a whole? I mean, do undocumented aliens truly help society? Doesn't common sense have a place here at all? If someone (or rather many someones) is in the country illegally, isn't a good bet that there are activities going on behind the scenes that we can't possibly quantify...or even identify for that matter? Drug trade, sex trade (slaves), illegal id's and passports, gaining access to goverment services with falsified documents are only a few activities which come to mind.

But you say let's just bring them all in and make them legal. Why not? Wouldn't that take away many of the illegal activities? The Heritage Foundation says a lot about this. They share a lot in regards to protecting our borders. They don't recommend amnesty because they believe it would be too much for our system (of government) to withstand. It would be too much at one time. So, it's not that conservatives are against legal immigration (i.e. done the right way), it's that we need to ensure that our system can sustain any influx in the population. Otherwise, there won't be any kind of help when the system collapses.

So, going back to what the MSM is arguing, is it not compassionate to bring ALL who wish to come within our borders so they too may get the same benefits that all Americans enjoy? I personally don't think that is what the liberals primary motive is. This, and more, I will get into in my next post.

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